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SiderShop China Steel Mills - Map 2015

Codice: MAP1602

The first map to get a bird’s eye view of the major steel plants in China, the world's largest steelmaking nation!

Mysteel China Steel Mills Map 2015, thanks to the agreement between Siderweb and, is finally now available.

The map can help you to get a bird’s eye view of the major steel plants in China, the world's largest steelmaking nation. It is the first of its kind that presents the detailed information of around 500 steel producers throughout China -- including capacity, output and production technologies, serving as a shortcut for you to understand the complicated steelmaking layout in China and helping you to find potential business partners.

The map is also available in the form of a convenient soft-bound handbook with an Excel datasheet in which you can easily retrieve the detailed information of any Chinese steel mill.

What we offer? 


  1. 200+ steel mills marked on the map with product mix and capacity for each;
  2. Mills in Hebei province and eastern region are highlighted;
  3. A directory list of 200+ steel mills with production technology, product mix, capacity, company address, and phone numbers for each;
  4. 100 major steel exporting companies with export product mix and total export volume for each;

Size: 120cm x 160cm
Material: Map in cloth packaged in plastic case



  1. Directory of 500+steel mills included, with production technology, ownership, CISA membership, total capacity, product mix, company address, province, phone numbers, and company website for each;
  2. Listing mills in three ways: Capacity ranking of steel mills in each province; Capacity ranking by product type for all mills; in alphabetical order;
  3. Top 10 steel mills by output in 2014;
  4. Top 10 private GI/PPGI mills by capacity;
  5. Directory of pipe mills;
  6. 100 major steel exporting companies with export product mix, total export volume, province, and company website for each;
  7. Mysteel Steel Price Index of China (MySPIC) graph since Jan 2005;
  8. China Steel Mills’ Blast Furnace Operation Rate (Mysteel Survey) graph since Jan 2014;
  9. China’s crude steel output volume graph since Jan 2005



The same content as handbook. Sent by email.



PACKAGE A) MAP + HANDBOOK + EXCEL FILE 1865,00 $ (roughly 1710,00 €)
PACKAGE B) MAP + EXCEL FILE 1465,00$ (roughly 1350,00 €)


N.B. Eventual costs for customs are not included

The product you are buying will be invoiced directly by; the payment, in u.s. dollars, will be balanced via wire transfer to the bank that Mysteel will show in its invoice.

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