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ICS 2018


The 7th International Congress on Science and Technology of Steelmaking (ICS 2018) will be organized by AIM, the Italian Association for Metallurgy, in Italy in June 2018.
ICS 2018 will provide a forum for researchers and manufacturers involved in the scientific and technical developments of steelmaking.
This meeting is aimed at creating an opportunity for a technical exchange at an international level among the numerous experts involved in the steelmaking.
AIM will host as an integral part of ICS 2018 its traditional Conference on Heat Treatments - XXVI Convegno Nazionale Trattamenti Termici - which will start on 13 June, with a whole day in Italian language for Italian technicians and researchers and will go on the following days with technical sessions exclusively in English language. Therefore the topics of ICS 2018 will be integrated with the topics of Heat Treatments and Surface Engineering.
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AIM and Siderweb kindly invite you to participate in ICS 2018 and are looking forward to welcoming you in the unique city of Venice!


United Kingdom2001

Exhibition & sponsorship opportunities

ICS 2018 and the jointly organised AIM National Conference on Heat Treatments and Surface Engineering offer a number of options to highlight the profile of your company through sponsorship and exhibition space.

The Exhibition will be organised by:

SIDERWEB - La community dell'acciaio e-mail:

Companies interested in exhibiting at and/or sponsoring the event may download the Application and information and General rules documents below (PDF) and return the relevant forms to

Why become an Exhibitor?

  • it is an opportunity to showcase your products and services and meet with key national and international players in steelmaking and heat treatment & surface engineering fields
  • you can establish or strengthen your company’s standing within the scientific community, maximizing your exposure in the steelmaking and heat treatment & surface engineering areas
  • you will benefit of all the Conference services and activities

Why become an Sponsor?

  • it is an opportunity to rise the knowledge of your company activities within the scientific community, the industrial world and the decision makers
  • it is a significant support to the organization of the Conference, so as to contribute to:
    • highlight the activities and relevance of steelmaking and heat treatment, at national and international level
    • stimulate public/private funding, investment and cooperation
    • promote steelmaking and heat treatment & surface engineering to the wider community, including young researchers
    • promote responsible innovation
  • you can benefit of the available options to acknowledge your sponsorship, through the Conference web-based and printed material and on-site services
  • your staff can participate to the event, including one-to-one matchmaking with professionals from industry and academia.
As an integral element of the event, ICS 2018 will feature an Exhibition that will enable excellent exposure for company products, technologies, innovative solutions or services. At this opportunity the Organizers will set an area strategically located. This area will be a focal point of the Congress, so that enough time will be available to guarantee a perfectly targeted potential customer’s environment.
Companies will be able to reinforce their participation and enhance their corporate identification by taking advantage of the benefits offered to them as Sponsor of the Congress.

Companies interested in exhibiting and/or sponsoring the event may contact:


tel: +39 0302540006
fax +39 0302540041


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